IQ (2025)

It is a great pleasure to welcome our british friends to Sweden again:


Since we invited these rightful kings of neoprog to their first full Swedish show at Progressive Circus 2016 in Malmö, we have seen three returns to our country, but only for (stunningly suberb) gigs in Stockholm. When Progressive Circus and KPM concerts discussed a new Scandinavian tour with the band, we wanted to make sure the Swedish west coast get their fair share of IQ, and can now proudly present these two 2025 dates for you:

Friday March 7th – Babel, Malmö – in collaboration with KPM concerts

Saturday March 8th – Surr Arena, Gothenburg – the first IQ gig in town ever!!

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For this tour, we will get some brand new material from a forthcoming album, combined with chosen favourites from the band’s impressive 44 year history. Classic LPs like the debut album ”Tales from the lush attic” (1983) and the follow-up ”The Wake” (1985) are considered pillars of the so called second wave of progressive rock when bands like IQ, Marillion and Pendragon pioneered and created the neoprog genre, taking on the progressive mindset where Genesis, Camel and others left it by the end of the 70’s. Through the years, ”Ever” (1993), ”Dark Matter” (2004) and ”The Road of Bones” (2014) have proven the band’s ability to continously keep very high standards, while still evolving and we are now looking forward to yet an exciting IQ album in 2025.

On stage, you will witness some of the strongest IQ material in the known universe, delivered as it should by original members Paul Cook drumming in any time signature of choise, Tim Esau mixing thunder and delicacy on bass and bass pedals, Mike Holmes riffing and soloing with the Holmes signature guitar sounds and Peter Nicholls delivering his clever lyrics in a theatrical fashion as if the world depended on it, and newly (2011) added wizard of keyboards and moods – Neil Durant. As always, the IQ shows feature the three screen visual enhancement to overload your senses.

Progressive Circus and KPM concerts look forward a lot to welcome IQ back to Scandinavia for two top notch concerts and share them with you. Please help us make sure that all who should know about this get this info…

Check out our online museums from their previous Swedish visits here including video links, photos, setlists, memorabilia etc.

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