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PC is a progressive rock festival and concert concept that was founded in 2014. It is run by Anna and Marcus Enochsson’s family company Kulturpunkten, with the original vision to bring the best of progressive rock to Skåne, but it has since expanded to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen.




Click here for more info: PENDRAGON

April 17th 2020 – Bryggarsalen, Stockholm – Pendragon. Click here for tickets: https://www.nortic.se/dagny/show/77377

April 19th 2020 – Musikens hus, Gothenburg- Pendragon. Click here for tickets: https://www.nortic.se/dagny/show/77376

Click here for more info: VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR

May 22nd 2020 – Vega, Copenhagen (in collaboration with KPM Concerts). Click here for tickets: https://www.ticketmaster.dk/event/VEL2205H

May 23rd 2020 – Pustervik, Gothenburg. Click here for tickets: http://www.tickster.com/events/ka93xev397x1z5y

May 24th 2020 – Lilla Cirkus, Stockholm. Click here for tickets: https://www.ticketmaster.se/event/561179



If you’re interested in what PC is all about and what we have done so far, here’s some selected highlights from the PC CV:

  • The first gender equal progressive rock festival in the known universe (PC17, with Adrian Belew Power Trio, Moulettes and more)
  • The only MIKE PORTNOY’S SHATTERED FORTRESS (US/UK/Mex) concert in Scandinavia ever, causing band and crew to add 32 extra hours of driving from Paris to Malmö to Luxemburg
  • The first and third MAGMA (Fra) concert in Sweden since the band was founded in 1969
  • The first two full IQ (UK) concerts in Sweden since the band was founded in 1981
  • The first LE ORME (Ita) concert in Scandinavia since the band was founded in 1966
  • The first CARAVAN (UK) concert in Sweden since the band was founded in 1968

To find out more about our previous events, please visit our PC museum to look at Youtube videos, articles, photos etc.

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