With the huge success of Magma in October 2015, it was proven that there was room for bringing the best of progressive rock to Skåne. Therefore plans for not just one but 3 PC festivals in 2016 should take place. Feedback from the audience was that some would like PC events in Malmö, and therefore Progressive Circus 2016 – part I was held at Slagthuset in Malmö, April 9th 2016 with headliners IQ who did their first full length show in Scandinavia (although they opened for Mike + the Mechanics in 1989), Anekdoten, Atlas (who released ”Blå vardag” in 1979 but broke up in 1980 and reunited for PC16). Also, Me and my Kites, Soniq Circus and Harry Bult played at the festival.

Progressive Circus 2016 – part II was announced as well, at KB on April 24th with headliners Three Friends playing the music of Gentle Giant. TF were contacted already for PC15, but couldn’t come to Helsingborg on the Saturday of PC15, and at the time Kulturpunkten couldn’t risk to make it a two day festival. So it was awesome to announce them coming for PC16 part II instead, and local band Hooffoot were booked as opening act. Unfortunately, Gentle Giant and Three Friends guitarist Gary Green had a heart attack, and by christmas 2015, the tour had to be cancelled. The band didn’t play again, and we are sad that we didn’t get to arrange a concert with original GG members playing GG music. Hooffoot were moved to Progressive Circus 2016 – part III in september though…

Progressive Circus 2016 - part I





Thank you post from PC

Almost 24 hours have passed since IQ ended PC16 with ”Awake and Nervous” and the arrangers are now extremely high on life, and tired =)

We’re incredibly lucky to live in a time and a country where we’re able to realise our mad dreams and get so much love in return, making us think we’re maybe not that mad after all. There were many highlights from throughout the day, and we’d like to give some HUGE ”Thank You”s to:

* The PC16 visitors who support our vision to bring… the BEST of progressive rock to Skåne. We loved to see the many FB updates of people travelling to us with high expectations for the day. Special thanks to the visitors travelling from USA, Germany, UK (you were a bunch), France, Russia, Poland, Denmark, north Sweden, Ukraine, Belgium, Slovakia, and I’ve probably missed some of you (feel free to comment).

* The wonderful bands, who not only gave their very best on stage, but also contributed with the good positive and collaborative spirit that we want to be significant for PC events.

* The staff of Slagthuset and the technical crew from Tune who gave us a most professional service and made it a true joy to arrange a festival.

* The invaluable helpers Karin Bjerke Frankell, Nils Ericson, Ulf Ericsson, Markus Nilsson, Christer Ugglin, Marco Ledri, Alexander Abrahamsson, Dan Bornemark, everyone who has helped spread the word about Progressive Circus, including Skånska Dagbladet, Gaffa, Dygnet Runt and Ystads Allehanda.

Now we’ll first have a look at the material that was recorded yesterday with 3 HD cameras and multichannel audio for the SC, MAMK, Atlas and Anekdoten concerts. We hope you’ll get to see much of it eventually in some form.

Then we shift focus towards several future veeery nice possible PC events this autumn and summer of ’17, apart from the ”ordinary” PC17. Rest assured we’ll keep you updated if you follow us here =)

For our next event, we have decided to put together a more formalized group of volunteers to have responsibility for putting up posters, merch sales, band hospitality, entrance, picking up bands etc. If you’re interested, please contact us on Facebook, or

That’s it for now from the two PC arrangers!

Lots of progressive love!!

Marcus & Anna,

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