IQ (2017)

For many of the announced PC artists, shoutouts came from other parts of Sweden who wanted to get those kinds of concerts nearby. Although PC had chosen the vision ”Bringing the best of progressive rock to Skåne” it was eventually decided that when IQ wanted to return to Scandinavia, the concert was to be arranged in Stockholm instead. It was first announced at Bryggarsalen, but as sales were high, it was eventually moved to Kulturhuset, Studion in order to let everyone who wanted to see the concert in. The concert was a success, both sales wise and artistically, and the idea of doing PC events outside of Skåne was proven to be good.

IQ (2017)

Thank you post from PC

Progressive Circus + Stockhom + IQ = True!

Since the first PC event in 2014, people have asked if we couldn’t arrange events outside of Skåne, with Stockholm topping the list. We’ve always kept those comments in the back of our minds, but it wasn’t until IQ wanted to return to Sweden after PC16 that the stars were fully aligned for this to happen. And the day before yesterday, many of you witnessed PC coming to Stockholm with IQ on stage at Kulturhuset!

We are sooo happy and quite tired after a memorable weekend with a very inspired IQ concert including a brilliant set list with world premieres of two new songs. We share the memory with people travelling from all corners of Sweden, and Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, UK and New Zeeland. As most of you know, we had to move the concert from Bryggarsalen due to high demand, and can already announce that we’ll be back in Stockholm for a new, high profile prog event March 2nd. So save the date and be patient until we can give you more information.

There’s many who need a big THANK YOU from us:
* IQ with crew for doing a superb concert and for being so enjoyable to work with
* Jessica Broberg and Kulturhuset Stadsteatern for keeping a service level that’s way beyond duty
Johan WeesmaaGerard McnameeIan SmithMats JonasonHåkan GranatDenise Koolen, Kristian Gustavsson and Per Ericson for helping us with various things
Martin Sandberg for sharing his excitement about the concert generously on Facebook
47 i Skurup AB for driving out to us on the motorway with a rental car 1 km from home, on the way to Stockholm
ÖvreAllt for getting some of the equipment to us in no time
* Karin & Tommy Arnesson for making our kids forget us for a few days

Now we will shift focus to MAGMA at Kulturbolaget in Malmö in 12 days, and Förfesten! AGUSA + KHADAVRA + JAZZ ÄR FARLIGT at Grand in Malmö the day before.

Have a nice day and see you again on our events! If you continue to buy tickets, we can turn PC into an even cooler prog dream realizing machine =)

/Marcus & Anna

Photo by Ian Smith

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