Green Asphalt / Egentligen Giant (PC24)

It’s with great pride we announce this brilliant double bill to PC24:


Already when discussing what to do at Progressive Circus 2014, Dan Bornemark told us about the project he had been working on for a long time: Green Asphalt. At the time he was invited to talk about his lifelong and deep love for Gentle Giant, and the work he had done with saving and presenting some of the outtakes and demos from the GG archives that were released as “Under construction” (2CD, 1997) and “Scraping the barrel” (4CD, 2004).

Since then, Green Asphalt made their public live debut at PC’s “Progafton på Babel” in 2017, released a praised self-titled debut album in 2022 and did wonderful concerts at “Slottsskogen goes Progressive” in Gothenburg 2022 and “Artrock i Stadsträdgårn” in Lidköping 2023. Work on a second album is well underway and will probably not take 17 years to complete like the debut…

A red thread throughout all of this is the love of classic prog music, especially Gentle Giant. Green Asphalt have an identity of their own though, with a multitude of instruments, fun time signatures, heartbreakingly beautiful harmonies, and an eclectic but seemingly effortless mix of prog, Canterbury, jazz, funk, Zappa, Gryphon, folk, and a highly professional attitude to making music. Both Dan and daughters Signe and Hjördis follow in the musical footsteps of his mother Gullan, who is an icon on the Swedish music scene for writing music that basically became soundtrack for most kids from the 1960s and on. Signe and Hjördis also participated in Melodifestivalen in 2023 with “Edelweiss”.

For Progressive Circus 2024, we will not only get a set of Green Asphalt music, but also an Egentligen Giant set, where the same band will give us progheads what we want – a Gentle Giant hommage with some chosen favourite tunes of the band, performed by a super competent and rocking band!


On stage we will see and hear Dan Bornemark (vocals, keyboards), Signe Bornemark (vocals, percussion, flute, keys), Hjördis Bornemark (vocals, electric violin, whistling), Bengt Baadtoft Johnson (drums), Niklas Ekelund (guitars), Björn Wictor (bass).

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Egentligen Giant youtube channel – including studio performances of A Reunion, Mobile/The Power and the Glory, Isn’t it quiet and cold, and more GG tunes:

“Xcuse me” from Slottsskogen goes Progressive 2022:

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Progressive Circus 2024 takes place at Babel, Malmö, September 28-29 and is co-arranged with Babel, with support from Skånsk Live. Get your tickets here: