The Flower Kings + Iamthemorning + Rikard Sjöblom

A joint tour with The Flower Kings and Kayak was announced in 2019, but due to health issues Kayak had to cancel their participation, but Iamthemorning and Rikard Sjöblom quickly stepped in to make it a great tour anyway. The three Scandinavian dates were the last ones on a twelve date EU tour and the final gig was also the very last concert at Kraken before a complete renovation of the building forced the venue to close.

TFK/IATM/RS (2019)

Thank you post from PC

You might think that arranging nine concerts in three cities in four days and driving 1500 km to do it could be quite exhausting. But actually it wasn’t at all! It was just great fun, thanks to a bunch of really nice, talented and professional people.

So, big thanks to:

The Flower Kings, Iamthemorning and Rikard Sjöblom for killer concerts, made possible and great with Micha Weber doing all the sound, Jacob doing stuff and Alex Reingold doing the merch

– Rob Palmen for making the tour possible, even after Kayak had to cancel

– Our lovely Danish partner Karsten Mortensen and KPM Concerts for the Copenhagen gig, including the very helpful Georg and Kim Hostrup Hansen

Susanna Jämtgren Fd Ekholm, Mats Norlén, Said Winberg, Anders Allgulin, Nils Erichson and Andreas Hanberger for helping out with catering, carrying, and buying both incense and orange flowers for the Gothenburg gig

– Torbjörn Jonsson, Lars Mosslind, Hans Swahn and Anna Taitto for carrying and fixing the catering for the Stockholm gig

Johnny Taxén and Ola Strandberg for hanging around and helping

…and of course YOU – who bought tickets, spread the word or just believe in us. We have the vision to bring the best of progressive rock to YOU, and it’s thanks to your support that we can continue working with these kinds of dream projects!

However, now we will focus on other things than PC for a while, such as X-mas and stuff. But as you know Pendragon comes to Scandinavia in April and Van der Graaf Generator in May, and who knows – there might be some more great PC events in 2020 😉

Prog hugs and kisses from Marcus Enochsson & Anna Enochsson Photo by Lilian Forsberg

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