Steve Rothery band

When an opportunity to arrange a concert with Steve Rothery band comes along, you take it 😊 After several visits to Denmark for concerts arranged by KPM Concerts, Steve wanted to extend this tour to Sweden and Norway as well, and we are happy that he did. A packed Musikens hus was filled with highly enthusiastic Marillion fans who were served brilliant versions of older Marillion material that isn’t the focus of the current Marillion lineup. All of Clutching at straws, Grendel and Market Square Heroes made a happy audience.

Steve Rothery Band

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Wow! We had a really great evening with Steve Rothery Band and Ranestrane at Musikens Hus!! We were spoiled with two happy bands on stage, and a luxury setlist of all of Clutching at straws, Grendel, Market Square Heroes and much more…

Many thanks to Nils Erichson, Susanna Jämtgren Fd Ekholm, Yngve Hagberg and Eje Gustafsson for helping out and making the event even more fun! Now there’s just A.c.t & Soniq Circus on the PC schedule, so make sure you don’t miss it (Stockholm Nov 16, Gothenburg Nov 17 and Malmö Nov 18). What happens after that? We’ll see…

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