Soniq Circus (PC24)

We are pleased to announce the band that started it all 10 years ago:


The whole Progressive Circus saga started in the autumn of 2013 when Soniq Circus were looking for opportunities to do gigs together with awesome Vulkan. When Jeanette Sollén who ran Helsingborg venue Salongen heard about it, she thought it would be a good idea to invite some other prog bands, and that eventually lead to Progressive Circus being born – taking half the name from the genre, and the other half from Soniq Circus. Since then, the band has played on PC14, PC15, PC16, a 5 year anniversary of PC and did PC promoted tours with Anekdoten and A.c.t. Fittingly, Soniq Circus will open PC’s 10 year anniversary at Babel as well!

But Soniq Circus have been around in some form since 1999, when Marcus Enochsson studied in Lund – but also gathered fellow musicians who shared his love of odd time signatures and epic song structures. Members changed, demos were made, and in 2007 the self-titled debut album was released on Progress Records followed by Reflections in the Hourglass 2011, both to good reviews.

Although a third album was written and recorded during the following years, the band wasn’t happy with the results, and a long mixing period eventually lead to the decision to re-record it all in a more professional studio and release it as different chapters. Chapter 1: The game begins (2022) and Chapter 2: The Accident (2023) follow a bunch of people meeting on a cruise, where weird things start to happen after being invited to a game of cards by a mysterious being. Both band and reviewers consider these chapters to be the band’s finest work yet, and will be the focus of the PC24 set.

Musically, Soniq Circus mix influences from 70:s symphonic prog (King Crimson, Genesis, Yes) and more modern prog metal (Dream Theater), always with a fair share of nice melodies, heavy riffs and fun solos. Fans of A.c.t, Saga, Spock’s Beard, Vulkan or simply good progressive rock should come along and see this band open Progressive Circus 2024, with Alexander Abrahamsson (vocals, percussion), Christer Ugglin (drums), Markus Nilsson (bass), Marco Ledri (keyboards) and Marcus Enochsson (guitars, backing vocals) on stage!

Photo by Conny Myrberg.

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I of the Storm – official video

Inside the Hourglass (3am), live at Progressive Circus 2016:

Progressive Circus 2024 takes place at Babel, Malmö, September 28-29 and is co-arranged with Babel, with support from Skånsk Live. Get your tickets here: