Progressive Circus 2017

When planning for PROGRESSIVE CIRCUS 2017, an application for arranging the world’s first gender equal prog festival was sent to Kulturrådet, and we got a positive response! To make it happen, some creativity had to be used, and eventually a line-up with 12 female and 12 male musicians was announced. The headliner was King Crimson/David Bowie/Frank Zappa/Talking Heads guitarist Adrian Belew and his power trio, wonderful Moulettes, Postures, and s n a r t d ö r v i, plus Hannas Orkester and Crumb as changeover acts. The event marked the return to Helsingborg and the newly renovated landmarked The Tivoli building that had been moved across the square after the Magma gig in 2015. Apart from financial support from Kulturrådet, Helsingborgs stad once more chipped in to make it possible for the event to happen there.

Progressive Circus 2017



Thank you post from PC

It’s now two days since Progressive Circus 2017, and we’re still high on all the love and enthusiasm that was in the air at The Tivoli! After about a year of planning and working towards making the first gender equal progressive rock festival ever, it was sooo rewarding to see the reactions from both audience and artists. Now NO ONE can say it can’t be done 😊

We would like to thank:
– The 12 female and 12 male musicians on stage + their crews who came from US, UK, Gothenburg and Skåne to produce some of the best music on the planet from stage!
– YOU – the fantastic audience who keep supporting our vision by coming to the arrangements and/or spreading the word.
– The Tivoli – so incredibly competent, service minded and constantly happy! It’s always a great joy to work with you!
– Kulturrådet, Helsingborgs stad and Studiefrämjandet who made it possible for us to keep our dreams alive!
– Karin Bjerke Frankell who’s middle name is great service
– Zoran Cullibrick for driving two Moulettes with very short notice
– Andreas Hanberger for being an experienced Progbuss driver
– Johan Arnesson, Sara Arnesson and Tommy Arnesson for making sure our kids were entertained so we could make sure you were entertained

See you at Slagthuset Malmös Nöjeshjärta July 2nd, Bryggarsalen Vasastan October 13th and Kulturbolaget October 28th! / Anna Enochsson & Marcus Enochsson

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Adrian Belew Power Trio promo video

The Tivoli moving across the square

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