Uli Jon Roth

When the agent of Anneke van Giersbergen / VUUR sent a proposal to do a gig with ex-Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth, we had to think twice if it would fit the Progressive Circus image, but decided to go for it. Uli is a guitar legend and has pushed boundaries to do his thing, which is progressive in itself, but also doing music that borders to what we call ”progressive rock”. The gig was the start of an intense PC autumn before Corona came and paused all activity for a while…

Uli Jon Roth

Thank you post from the arrangers

We had a really nice time this Sunday, collaborating with Uli Jon Roth + band & crew, and the always professional and sympathetic KB crew! And what a great concert, wasn’t it? Some truly awesome music – including the solos 😊

Many thanks to all who bought tickets and in any way supported the event, to Ian Smith for taking photos (including this) and Richard Isberg for carrying stuff. Now: focus lies on IQ in Copenhagen next Friday (sep 20) and in Stockholm next Saturday (sep 21) and then it’s possible that we can make a nice announcement about 2020… See you there 😊

Uli promo video

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