The booking of Iamthemorning for PC18 was done through Rob Palmen, an agent for several bands on the InsideOut record label, and arranger of the great dutch Midsummer Prog festival. When ”third wave prog” icons Spock’s Beard (US) were to return to Europe for a tour of 10 gigs together with a resurrected version of The Flower Kings billed as ”Roine Stolt’s The Flower Kings Revisited”, Rob and Progressive Circus continued a fruitful relationship and booked well visited concerts in Stockholm and Malmö in December 2018. The tour also celebrated 25 years of record label InsideOut.

Although the evenings were success stories, an incident when closing and leaving Kulturhuset Studion lead to a bag with pass ports and medications being locked inside the backstage area, and with no chance to get it back before departure to Malmö the day after. To sort this out, a later train was booked for Anna and Marcus who arranged both concerts, which made it able retreive it before going to Malmö, and with experienced professionals in the bands and at KB, the preparations progressed nicely at the venue when the couple arrived.

Spock's Beard & The Flower Kings Revisited


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Thank you post from PC

We had a superb weekend December 1 & 2, with great concerts & company!

It was lovely to witness the big crowds in both Stockholm and Malmö, lining up to get in, spreading the music focused and friendly ambience that signifies our prog events, nodding in 7/8 and finally singing along to the Na-na-na’s of Hey Jude.

From the bottom of our hearts, big thanks to:
– bands/crews of Spock’s Beard & Roine Stolt’s The Flower Kings Revisited
– everyone who has ever bought tickets or spread the word about Progressive Circus – it’s thanks to YOU that we can continue!
– Hans SwahnPatrik Lauthers, Richard Isberg, Lilian Westin, Per Ericson and Alexander Abrahamsson for helping out with various things
– Marc Västerås for the new PC t-shirts
– Johan Weesmaa for putting up posters
– Andreas Hanberger for taking care of Progbussen
– Karin & Tommy Arnesson for taking care of our kids

Now we focus on a few days in March-April where we’ll meet again for some Riverside & Neal Morse Band!!

Prog hugs & kisses,
Anna & Marcus

PS: Have a look at the encore from Malmö:

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Photos from Stockholm by Elena Savitskaya except queue outside, by Fredrik Andersson

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