Magma + All traps on Earth (2019)

The success of the first Magma concert in Sweden in 2015, lead to encouraged visions of doing more legendary gigs with these icons, and to bring the band to Gothenburg as well. Stockholm was already done through other promotors. As Swedish All traps on earth, featuring mostly Änglagård members, had recently released a magnificent debut album ”A drop of light” to great reviews, with place #16 on the all-time-best prog albums list on progarchives, these two universes were joined for an evening of superb dark and beatiful zeuhl music at Brewhouse – brilliantly captured in the poster artwork where the two universes are combined graphically as well. The evening was critically a success and remains a high point in the PC history.

Magma + All traps on earth (2019)


Review on Devilution (in Danish):

Review of ATOE on JPS Media:

Review of Magma on JPS Media:

Thank you post from PC

We had two world class bands on stage at Brewhouse, Göteborg, Sweden last Saturday.

All Traps on Earth did a superb second concert ever and MAGMA delivered an extraordinary and otherworldly gig – as usual. We have already received lots and lots of positive feedback for the event, and have a handful of people that we would like to thank. It couldn’t have been done without you:

Susanna Jämtgren Fd Ekholm, Nils Erichson, Andreas Hanberger and Anders Allgulin for helping, carrying, driving & making things work

– Martin Stenson for driving the prog bus

Marco Ledri and Nils Erichson for supplying keyboards, stands and stools

– Said Winberg for taking care of the merch sales

Now we’re looking forward to The Flower Kings with guests Iamthemorning and Rikard Gungfly Sjöblom:

Dec 11 – Amager Bio, Copenhagen (in collaboration with KPM Concerts)

Dec 12 – Brewhouse, Gothenburg

Dec 14 – Kraken, Stockholm

Tickets & info:

Prog hugs and kisses from Anna & Marcus

Photos by Nils Erichson

Promo video All traps on earth

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Photos by Nils Erichson

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