Bossebandet (PC24)

We are very happy to announce the final band for PC24, celebrating a Swedish prog/psych legend:

BOSSEBANDET – a tribute to Bo Hansson (Swe)

When looking at the Swedish prog/psych scene of the 70’s, there was a number of productive bands who created a characteristic musical universe, exploring mostly instrumental, dreamy and groovy vibes. One of the most important persons of the scene was organist/composer Bo Hansson, who became an international cult artist despite not doing concerts or marketing.

His career started with the largely improvisational drum/Hammond duo Hansson & Karlsson in the late 60’s, featuring drummer and actor Janne “Loffe” Carlsson. The duo got a big fan in Jimi Hendrix who recorded their song “Tax free” and they got to open for Cream before disbanding. Bo went on to write solo albums including the classic “Sagan om ringen” (Lord of the Rings) from 1970, “Ur trollkarlens hatt” (1972) and the nice “El-ahrairah” (1977). His musical output became less active and successful after that. In 2010 he passed away, but his classic albums continue to give a special nostalgic tingle down the spine to this day.

At Progressive Circus 2024 you will experience an impressive all-star lineup of Swedish psych/prog, called “Bossebandet” performing the musical story of Bo Hansson, including “Sagan om ringen” in it’s entirety, together with other favourites from Bo’s repertoire, and perhaps another gem or two from the Swedish prog/psych scene…

The band consists of Kenny Håkansson (Bo Hansson, Kebnekajse, Dag Vag etc) who played guitar on Hansson’s albums, Bill Öhrström (Bo Hansson, Fläsket Brinner, Mikael Ramel etc) on harmonica and congas who also played on them, Peter Bryngelsson (Ragnarök) on guitar, Bobby Ringström on bass, Mikael Svanevik (Ragnarök, Louise Hoffsten etc) on drums and Lars Liljegren (Ragnarök) on keyboards.

Bo Hansson on Spotify:

Bossebandet at Nefertiti, set 1 (Sagan om ringen):

Bossebandet at Nefertiti, set 2:

Progressive Circus 2024 takes place at Babel, Malmö, September 28-29 and is co-arranged with Babel, with support from Skånsk Live. Get your tickets here: