A.c.t + Soniq Circus

The idea of re-joining Soniq Circus with A.c.t under the Progressive Circus label has been around ever since PC14, and for several reasons it was the right time to do so in November 2023, when a 3 date Swedish tour that kind of copy+pasted the Anekdoten + Soniq Circus tour. The tour was great fun, was very well received, and included a packed Musikens hus and lots and lots of band friends at Babel.

Soniq Circus pulled off the stunt of playing the three shows without their drummer Christer who fell ill just before the tour. Luckily the band could re-use the drums recorded for the then just released EP ”Chapter 2: The accident” and it worked beyond what they had dared to hope for. In fact, Christer was the only band member to not make a single fault during the whole tour.

A.C.T & Soniq Circus

Thank you post from PC

This was fun! 😃

Many thanks to all who contributed to making last week’s tour a blast: A.C.T (band, techs, merch), Soniq Circus, Daniel Lyrstedt, and of course all of you who came and made great crowds!

Now we have a 3,5 month pause before we hear some of Zappa’s finest tunes from Banned from Utopia in March, but stay tuned for some more veeeery interesting announcements about autumn 2024… 🧠🎁🧙‍♂️

A.c.t photo (Malmö) by Tobias Annerfeldt Soniq Circus photo (Gothenburg) by Conny Myrberg

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Photos by Kristian Reuter @reutermp (Fryshuset Klubben, Stockholm)

Photos by Conny Myrberg (Musikens hus, Gothenburg)

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