MAGMA (2017)

Magma played at KB in Malmö, October 28th 2017. The event was a joint arrangement by Kulturpunkten/Progressive Circus and Jazz i Malmö.

You’re very welcome to the online museum for the event. Feel free to browse and check out poster, reviews, photo gallery, Youtube links and the thank you post from the arrangers.


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MAGMA (FRA) – 2017 announcement


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Photos by Sascha Kajic



A few days have passed since the busy but highly rewarding weekend with Progressive Circus’ 9th and 10th event. We got awesome concerts by three bands & a DJ + great crowds for both nights!

We would like to give big thanks to:
– MAGMA with crew for an otherworldly show of the highest caliber! Always a pleasure to work with you, and a special mention to the big hearted booking agent Walter Krucker!
– Totte Lundgren & all the personnel @ KB for showing why you’re the greatest rock club in southern Sweden! So professional and service minded! Let’s do this again soon
– Khadavra, Agusa and Jazz Är Farligt for making the first ”Förfest” great – and a concept we might use again
– Martin Axén & all the personnel @ Grand for a very service minded and friendly atmosphere that we would love to be part of again
– Jazz i Malmö for co-arranging the Magma gig with us
– Hampus Hansson for fixing the brand new Gretsch kit to Christian
– LA Rental for an impeccable backline
– Lucas Rosén for driving Magma
– Mats Westerberg, Andreas Hanberger, Karin & Tommy Arnesson for helping out in various ways
– YOU – the ticket buyers, the word spreaders and followers who make the PC dreams possible

Now, we look forward to a ”Progafton” at Babel, Malmö Friday December 15th, and then a 2018 that we think will be very exciting… Stay tuned and you will know eventually

Prog hugs and kisses,
Anna & Marcus

Photo by Sascha Kajic