Paatos (PC24)

We are really excited to announce a highly anticipated live comeback of a great prog band of the 00’s:


Paatos were formed in 1999 when members of the bands Landberk and Ägg joined forces as an instrumental backing band for a festival gig with Swedish folk rock singer Turid, but as the musicians got on well together they continued to meet and eventually added Petronella Nettermalm on vocals to the lineup. Debut album “Timeloss” (2001) is still one of the band’s finest work and a good reception from the prog community lead the way to European tours, both in their own name and together with The Gathering, Porcupine Tree and Riverside. That in turn lead to Steven Wilson mixing the second Paatos album “Kallocain” (2004), released on InsideOut.

After a few member changes, the band released “Breathing” (2011) and “V” (2012) on Glassville, but took a long break after that, officially disbanding in 2015. However, a reunion gig in Stockholm 2018 showed the members that it was too fun to not bring the band back to life. A slow journey towards 2024 began, when a brand new Paatos album will see the light of day as well as a live comeback at Progressive Circus 2024, with only one other gig in Poland announced so far…

The current version of Paatos includes Mikael Nilzen (keyboards), Ulf Ivarsson (bass), Peter Nylander (guitar), Hux Nettermalm (drums) and Petronella Nettermalm (vocals and cello) and has remained intact since 2011, except the addition of Mikael.

Paatos’ music can be described as cinematic rock, dynamic progressive or melancholic postrock and the band moves effortlessly between heavy rock, jazz and electronic grooves. Recommended to fans of Anekdoten, Elbow, Portishead or their touring buddies The Gathering and Porcupine Tree. Don’t miss!!

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“Sensor” at reunion gig 2018:

Progressive Circus 2024 takes place at Babel, Malmö, September 28-29 and is co-arranged with Babel, with support from Skånsk Live. Get your tickets here: