PROGRESSIVE CIRCUS 2017 marks the return to Helsingborg and the newly renovated The Tivoli after the building has been moved across the square since we had PC15 and the Magma concert there in 2015.

The festival is held April 29th and so far we’ve announced ADRIAN BELEW POWER TRIO (USA), MOULETTES (UK) and POSTURES (SWE) for the line-up. Keep yourself updated by checking right here, or at

TICKET LINK: Tickets to Progressive Circus 2017

Schedule for the day:
16.00 Doors open

16.30 s n a r t d ö r v i (main stage)

17.30 Postures (main stage)

18.30 Hannas Orkester (café stage)

19.00 Moulettes (main stage)

20.00 Crumb (café stage)

21.00 Adrian Belew Power Trio (main stage)

Progressive Circus 2017 is arranged by Kulturpunkten with support from Kulturrådet and Helsingborgs Stad.

Just like at our previous Helsingborg events, Cityvandrarhemmet offers a discount to PC visitors. Please send a Facebook message to us or mail to get hold of the discount code. Prices: Single room incl breakfast – 495 kr,  Double room incl breakfast – 695 kr,  3-bed room incl breakfast – 895 kr.

Progressive Circus 2017 in media:

Article about PC17 in HD / Dygnet Runt Nov 29th.


Article in Helsingborgs Dagblad 2017-04-27 about PC17 being the first gender equal prog rock festival.
Article in Helsingborgs Dagblad 2017-04-27 about PC17 being the first gender equal prog rock festival.


Our PC17 artists:

We’re proud beyond what’s suitable in the land of middle milk to announce a true legend in progressive rock and one of the most musically awesome, powerful and fun live ensembles out there as our PC17 headliner:



Adrian Belew’s musical CV is ridiculously impressive, including being a member of Frank Zappa’s and David Bowie’s bands in the late 70s, Talking Heads after that, and then being the front man of all King Crimson’s different incarnations from 1981 to 2009. As if that wasn’t enough, he has also collaborated with and done studio work for Paul Simon (Graceland), Tori Amos , Nine Inch Nails, Porcupine Tree, Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield, Cyndi Lauper, Joe Cocker, Herbie Hancock and Crash Test Dummies, to mention some. Apart from that he has led a creative solo career, designed the iOS app ”FLUX by belew” (TM) and scored the music for Pixar short film Piper (2016).

The highly entertaining live act The Adrian Belew Power Trio was pulled together in 2006, with focus on delivering King Crimson classics as well as Adrian’s solo material in some of the most powerful versions ever. The trio displays an international top notch musicianship with Julie Slick’s uncompromising fuzz bass grooves and Tobias Ralph’s jawdropping, technical but heavy drumming. And of course, the ever-exploring musical madman Adrian, whose apparent energy and happiness on stage is about as an important instrument as his dynamic singing style and guitar playing, filled with creative uses of effects, pedals and unorthodox behaviour.

One of the ground breaking albums of progressive rock – King Crimson’s style shifting comeback in 1981 – ”Discipline”, saw Adrian Belew bring a much needed and more passionate and emotionally based counterpoint to Robert Fripp’s mathematical approach to composing and guitar playing. With the Power Trio, heavy versions of Crimson classics like ”Indiscipline”, ”Frame by frame”, ”Thela hun Ginjeet”, ”Neurotica”, ”Three of a perfect pair” and ”Dinosaur” have been performed on stage, alongside Ade’s solo masterpieces like ”E”, ”A little madness” and ”Ampersand”.

DO NOT MISS when this awesome trio crosses the pond to perform for you in Helsingborg, April 29th at PC17. You will not be disappointed!

Adrian Belew official homepage:
Adrian Belew @ progarchives:
Adrian Belew @ Facebook:
Adrian Belew Power Trio @ Facebook:
Adrian Belew @ Spotify:

Lone Rhino (1982) – Listen to: The Lone Rhinoceros
Acoustic Adrian Belew (1995) – Listen to: Matte Kudasai
Side Three (2006) – Listen to: Men in Helicopters v4.0 (featuring Danny Carey of Tool on drums and Les Claypool of Primus on bass)
Side Four (2007) – with ABPT – Listen to: Thela Hun Ginjeet
e (2009) – with ABPT – Listen to: e/e2
Live in Japan (2014) – with ABPT as part of The Crimson Projekct – Listen to: Indiscipline
Live at Rockpalast 2008 (2015) – with ABPT- Listen to: A Little Madness

Discipline (1981)
Beat (1982)
Three of a perfect pair (1984)
Thrak (1995)
Absent Lovers – Live in Montreal 1984 (1998)
The Power to Believe (2003)
Eyes Wide Open (DVD, 2003)

David Bowie: Stage (1978)
David Bowie: Lodger (1979)
Frank Zappa: Sheik Yerbouti (1979)
Talking Heads: Remain in Light (1980)
Joe Cocker: Sheffield Steel (1982)
Jean Michel Jarre: Zoolook (1984)
Paul Simon: Graceland (1986)
Cyndi Lauper: True Colors (1986)
Mike Oldfield: Earth Moving (1989)
Crash Test Dummies: God Shuffled His Feet (1993)
Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral (1994)
Nine Inch Nails: The Fragile (1999)
Tori Amos: Strange Little Girls (2001)
Porcupine Tree: Deadwing (2005)

We assume you’ve all experienced being BLOWN AWAY by an artist that you hear for the first time, and that you simply can’t get enough of after that. That’s what happened when we found out about this PC17 band:


Moulettes 2017

Just like the pioneering bands of the 60’s in our genre combined musical influences in new ways to expand upon the existing formats, this wonderfully inspiring multi-instrumentalist folk/electro/indie/chamber/art rock band from Brighton merges the folk roots of Jethro Tull, the electronica quirkiness of Björk, the heavenly harmonies of Crosby, Stills & Nash, the inventiveness of radiohead, the heavy riffs of early King Crimson and Gentle Giant’s creative use of instrumentation.

With every album release, Moulettes have redefined their sound and concept, shifting focus from charming acoustic folk songs with excellent vocal harmonies, via grandiose, cleverly orchestrated art-rock to the heavier electronica/prog concept album “Preternatural” (2016). The theme revolves around some of the surreal and bizarre creatures in nature and has received a 5 star rating in Time Out, 4 in Mojo and The Guardian, 8/10 in Uncut, while Prog Magazine described it as: “Huge, complex and compelling. One of the most thrillingly nimble musical ensembles the UK has produced in decades. Lead singer must be a national treasure soon… ”.

Although much has happened since the Moulettes nucleus took shape right after the members had left college in 2002, lead singer/cellist/guitarist/main creative force Hannah Miller and drummer/guitarist/pianist/singer Ollie Austin have been a constant in the band, with bassist/guitarist/singer Jim Mortimore joining for their second album and Raevennan Husbandes on electric guitars/vocals/percussion in 2016. Moulettes have also toured with Three Friends, and not only share a musical heritage, but also a genetic, due to Jim being TF/GG drummer Malcolm’s son.

We are extremely happy to announce Moulettes’ second visit to Sweden but rest assured, we’ve got some more very nice PC17 artists to present to you, so keep your eyes right here

Moulettes official homepage:
Moulettes @ Facebook:
Moulettes @ Progarchives:
Moulettes @ Spotify:

Moulettes (2010) – Listen to: ”Horses for Hearses”
The Bear’s Revenge (2012) – Listen to: ”Songbird”
Constellations (2014) – Listen to: ”Between two mirrors”
Preternatural (2016) – Listen to: ”Behemooth”

We’re very happy to present a highly energetic and superb live band with a promising future for the PC17 line-up:



If you mourn that The Mars Volta and Pure Reason Revolution are no longer around, you should immediately wipe your tears away and instead head to Progressive Circus 2017 to witness Gothenburg based Postures, who have refined the essence of these bands, to create their own, very powerful musical statement.

Although the great, self-titled debut from 2013 shows a band that has already found it’s sound, the band has gone further with the follow-up album Halucinda (2016) where the title track, Myriad Man and the epic Wavemaker are really impressive contemporary progressive rock pearls that deserve to reach a larger audience. With two great albums on their CV, Postures have also become used to delivering the material as a potent live act with festival gigs and concerts in Sweden, Germany and Belgium.

Some trademarks of Postures are the repeated, angular and often dissonant guitar riffs of Benjamin Watts and Viktor Andersson that build an eerie dynamic tension together with Isak Björhag (drums) and Per Pettersson (bass). Paulina Nyström’s voice brings it all together and is the perfect counterbalance with a singing style that varies from delicate and smooth à la Beth Orton of Portishead to powerful, mantraish scream-vocals à la Cedric Bixler-Zavala of The Mars Volta. Recently, the band has added two members in order to give you the best Postures experience: Margit Gyllspång who handles percussion arrangements and backing vocals, and Madeleine Sjögren on backing vocals and keyboards.

Prepare yourselves to board the psychedelic/progressive journey that is Postures on PC17. DO NOT MISS!!

Postures official homepage:
Postures @ Facebook:
Postures @ Spotify:

Postures (2013) – Listen to: ”Heavy Tremor”
Halucinda (2016) – Listen to: ”Wavemaker”

– bringing the best of progressive rock to Skåne