Riverside (Pol) and Lesoir (Bel) did a tour in 2019 to promote Riverside’s latest release, the magnificent ”Wasteland”. We arranged two of the concerts – Mar 29 at Stenhammarsalen, Gothenburg and Mar 31 at Kraken, Stockholm. The concerts were arranged by Kulturpunkten/Progressive Circus.

You’re very welcome to the online museum for the events. Feel free to browse and check out poster, artist presentation, reviews, photo gallery, Youtube links and the thank you post from the arrangers.


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When we said yes to arranging both the Riverside/Lesoir and the Neal Morse Band tour in March 29-April 1, we understood we had just said yes to the most intense Progressive Circus period ever, and soon wondered if we were mad. Now when we’ve done it, we know we were, but it was also super duper great fun!!

We arranged
7 very well received concerts, in
5 great venues, in
4 hectic days, in
3 cities, where we hosted
2 tours, and it was all

First of all, we must say a HUGE THANKS to our partners in the three cities who made this possible at all:

Karsten Mortensen and KPM Concerts – this was our first collaboration to get expand Progressive Circus into Denmark, but far from the last. Now, Karsten is an experienced prog promotor, and took full care of the Neal Morse gig at Viften, which we are very grateful for!!

Johnny Taxén and Ola Strandberg from Rockwater Productions, who we had the pleasure of meeting at the Spock’s Beard/Flower Kings tour, and who took full care of the Riverside+Lesoir concert at Kraken, which we are very grateful for!! Many thanks also to Marc Västerås, Ellen Aschi, Mark Roberton and Georg Klint who also assisted there, and the following day at the Neal Morse Band gig at Skandiascenen (except Georg who couldn’t).

GARF, who helped us both at the Riverside+Lesoir and Neal Morse Band concerts in Gothenburg, especially Susanna Jämtgren Fd Ekholm and Mats Norlén who were our partners in crime for both days! Also, many thanks to Andreas Hanberger, Nils Erichson and Björn for helping when needed.

We would also like to thank bands, crews, tour managers and agents who made this possible.

And finally, YOU who came to the concerts and helped spread the word in any way. It’s you who make it worthwhile, and as long as you keep helping us realise our vision, we continue to book bands. Now, we look forward to more adventures together, such as these extraordinary concerts:
Sept 20: IQ @ Viften, Copenhagen
Sept 21: IQ @ Fryshuset Klubben, Stockholm
Nov 2: Magma + All traps on earth @ Brewhouse, Gothenburg

See you there! ?

Prog hugs & kisses!

/Anna & Marcus